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Strong, contemporary design. That’s why they call it the ‘Art Of Fire’.

The Rais philosophy is simple and straight forward; A stove from Rais has to be more than just a heat source. It has to unite aesthetics and technology. Form and function. Design and craftsmanship. Thats why they call their philosophy the ‘Art of Fire’, because your Rais stove has to work as an efficient heat source utilising the energy of the fire optimally, and as a streamlined design object – a sculpture, integrated in your home. Their way of thinking about design and function requires a lot from their designers in terms of the manufacture process and materials used.

However, the results are extraordinary. Thus, their stoves are the epitome of quality – down to the very last detail. All Rais stoves are made without unnecessary joints, welds and other details with no specific function – be it practically or aesthetically. The stoves are eco-friendly heat sources, ensuring efficient combustion at even low effect, and they are able to draw in combustion air from outside, in order to provide a better indoor climate. Rais stoves fit any home and any decoration – from castle to cabin nostalgia to modern minimalism

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