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A kadai fire is a type of fire pit that originated in India as a cooking bowl.

It is usually made of heavy gauge steel and stands on three iron legs. It can be used as a barbecue, a heat source, or a planter. Kadai fire bowls are versatile, eco-friendly, and authentic. They come in different sizes and designs, and can be accessorized with cookware and fireware. Kadai fire bowls are popular in the UK, where they are sold by various online and offline retailers. They are ideal for outdoor gatherings, camping trips, or cozy evenings. A kadai fire can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any garden or patio.

A kadai fire cooking bowl range is a set of items that let you cook and entertain outdoors with an Indian-style firebowl.

A kadai firebowl is a multipurpose container that can serve as a barbecue, a fire pit, or a planter. It is crafted from recycled oil drums or iron plates and has drop handles and an ash filter for easy maintenance. The range includes a high stand for cooking, a low stand for fire pit, a grill, a grill brush, and a pair of tongs. You can also add various accessories such as tripod roasters, skillets, oven dishes, pizza pans, and more to enhance your cooking experience.

The range is perfect for anyone who loves relaxing in their garden with friends and family over great food and drinks. It is a product of the award-winning local company Wilstone, which discovered kadai firebowls on their travels in India. The range is a unique and authentic way to embrace the warmth and flavour of outdoor living.