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For those who want an authentic outdoor cooking experience, whether you’re a first time griller or a barbeque aficionado, Clementi will have just what you need.

Clementi is a company that specialises in the production and selling of pizza ovens, barbecues and stoves that use wood or gas as fuel. Clementi has thirty years of experience in creating high-quality products that can cook restaurant-quality pizzas and tasty BBQs. Clementi offers a range of models and sizes for domestic and professional use, as well as accessories and spare parts. Clementi is a leading brand in the Italian market and also exports its products to other countries.

The Clementi Gold range is a collection of high-quality wood-fired or gas-fired pizza ovens that can cook restaurant-quality pizzas and other dishes.

The Gold range features the following characteristics, a Patented Air Plus System: This system allows for even and optimal cooking of the pizza on both sides by introducing combustion air from the bottom of the oven on the embers and massive insulation and quality materials: The Gold ovens are built with scamotek, a material that can withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks. The cooking chamber has a refractory base for food use and a stainless steel 430 dome.

They also include a laser thermometer, the Gold ovens come with a laser thermometer that can measure the temperature of the oven without contact, a tool holder cart with wheels, the Gold ovens are mounted on a cart with four wheels (two with brake) that can be easily moved around. The cart also has a tool holder and a sliding lateral shelf for convenience.

They also come in a range of sizes and colours, sizes: 60×60, 80×60 and 100×80, which can cook 2, 4 or 5 pizzas or roasting tins at once respectively. And colours: Anthracite, White, Mustard and Red. The Clementi Gold range is designed to work effortlessly for everyone and to deliver superior performance and delicious results.