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Bell & Burnt Lemon Chefs Collaboration

By August 21, 2021Events
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A Partnership Made In Food Heaven with Burnt Lemon Chefs

The Bell of Northampton team are passionate about all things home. With a passion for the latest trends, we travel the globe looking for new ideas and inspiration to bring back to our customers in Northamptonshire! We’re always searching for ways to make your life extra special, so when we found Burnt Lemon Chefs we knew that this was the perfect opportunity to offer you something new.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a shopping experience with everything from kitchens & bathrooms, garden design, smart tech, interior design and more. Now we have to chance to add even more value for you to enjoy while here at Bell.

Burnt Lemon Chefs is an up and coming company who deliver a fresh, healthy and innovative catering service. They work with a number of individual clients, cater for weddings, attend food festivals as well as offering a chefs table experience at their restaurant in Woodford. They position themselves slightly higher in the market, with the Chef team having cut their teeth in fine dining restaurants across the country, and for James, the owner, across the globe during his time both as a military chef & whilst starring in BBC2’s “The Brigade”.

Bell & Burnt Lemon Chefs

Bell & Burnt Lemon Chefs

So What Can You Expect To See

Teaming up with Burnt Lemon will mean that we can enhance your experience at Bell, as we will be inviting Burnt Lemon to take over the kitchen of our beloved café Love Lunch on selected evenings for exclusive pop up restaurants. With these evenings comes a fantastic mix of tasting menus, Grill showcases and drink accompaniment’s for you to enjoy. They are sure to sell out quickly so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Alongside this we will also be offering a smaller more intimate dining experience in our Handmade Nicholas Bell kitchen. With a smaller venue and limited seating you will be able to chat with the chefs one on one and learn about the cooking techniques and local food that will be prepared for you in front of your eyes. This is the bread & butter of what Burnt Lemon do best; exciting, innovative food, prepared and cooked in front of you in an interactive environment where the food, equipment & skill becomes the star of the show!

For our customers who prefer the outdoors we have invited Burnt Lemon to bring their Kamado Joe III and show you the art of grilling. This is a great opportunity to see how this style differs from your usual gas BBQ cooking and be introduced to some different techniques that could then be used at home for your next barbeque event or family gathering.

The boys from Burnt Lemon have enjoyed getting to grips with this phenomenal bit of kit, so expect a range of styles of grilling; from smoking, using the baffle plate, to grilling direct over the coals, and even salt baked chicken, with careful temperature control. These showcases really are a fantastic way to understand how to get the most out of your Kamado Joe and will, obviously, include some delicious tasting samples to go alongside each demonstrations.

These pop ups and cooking experiences will be a regular feature for you to enjoy here at Bell. Make sure you keep your eyes on our social media so you don’t miss out.

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