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Guest Blog from Courtney Lawes

By August 14, 2019Outdoor Living

We have a special treat for you this month as our blog is from none other than Northampton Saints rugby player Courtney Lawes. Courtney came to our store a few weeks ago to buy a Big Green Egg barbecue, so we asked him to write a blog, telling us what he thought of it…

I bought a Big Green Egg barbecue from Bell of Northampton about five weeks ago. We had just moved into a new house and I was having both sides of the family over for a barbecue to celebrate.

When we were planning the barbecue, I knew I wanted a new one to go with the new house. I’ve bought four different barbecues from Bell over, roughly, the last ten years. There really isn’t anywhere else in Northamptonshire that has a barbecue collection as good as Bell in my opinion. I was keen on getting a Big Green Egg as the versatility of it really appealed to me – you can do everything from searing a steak to even cooking a pizza!

When the housewarming barbecue came around, I cooked pretty much everything you can cook on a barbecue on it! Burgers, sausages, chicken and lamb. I even smoked a pork joint on my Mini Big Green Egg too. The food was a hit and the whole family enjoyed it.

I use Mini Big Green Egg pretty much every day when I’m home and intend to use the new bigger one whenever we have people over. Next time I use it, I’m going to try and cook a brisket. I hear it is amazing when it has been smoked for a few hours. I’d rate myself as a moderate barbecue operator usually, but now I have the Big Green Egg, I’m very slowly becoming a pro!

Playing rugby professionally means I am away from home a lot, but when I am home most of my downtime is spent chasing my four kids around and spending time with my wife. I love being in the garden too and cooking on the barbecue is easily one of my favourite things to do when the weather is good.

When I visited Bell of Northampton recently, it was great to see how much the store has grown and expanded over the last year and it’s really great to see them doing well. Their restaurant is always busy too, which is a sign of how good it is. I can vouch that the Victoria Sandwich cake is pretty good too!

Courtney will be off to play in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo, Japan from 20th September to 2nd November. Everyone at Bell of Northampton is right behind him and wishes him well.

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