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A Guide To Inset Electric Fires

By January 15, 2019Fires & Stoves
Inset Electric fires

Inset Electric Fires FAQs

A lot of people struggle to decide between the different inset electric fires on the market; we want to make that decision easier. Read on to find out more about the differences and similarities between the most popular inset fires available!

Why should I choose an inset electric fire?

If you want to avoid the potential complications and mess of maintaining a wood-burning, multi fuel or gas fire, or are unable to have these installed in your home, an inset electric fire is a perfect alternative. They are low maintenance but have all the visual impact of a real fire whilst being several times less expensive when considering installation costs and materials. They can also be used without any heat output so that you can enjoy the flame effect year-round! Unlike the other fuel types, electric fires do not need to be signed off by professional bodies such as GasSafe or HETAS and can be installed anywhere in the home.

What are the differences between the fires?

Generally speaking, the differences lie in the aesthetic of the products however, these can range from subtle differences to quite obvious ones. Below is an overview of the various fire ranges available.

Modern flames are an established brand that have a wide range of inset fires starting from a metre wide moving up to a mammoth 3.5 metre wide inset fire. The flame effect has an option for warm orange and cool blue lighting with heat output into the room via grills on the left and right edges of the fire. This configuration also allows for TVs to be mounted above them with no issues.
In the box you will find two fuel bed effects, glacier crystals and a coal effect that you can mix and match with an optional log effect to further increase your design options. The Modern flames inset fires also have a thermostatic wall mounted control panel as well as a sleek remote control.

The Radiance range was introduced by Gazco in September 2015. It has 4 different fuel bed options and a contemporary LED flame effect that can be switched between orange and blue flames with two brightness settings. The Radiance is also thermostatic and has a handy timer function.

The Gazco eReflex fires were brought out in November 2017 under the name Skope but were renamed eReflex late 2019. The flames can be switched between orange, blue and a subtle combination of both. The fuel bed options include logs, pebbles, and glass stones which can be mixed and matched to create the effect you desire. There are 12 colour options for the lights underneath the fuel bed, 13 with the rotating colour mode.

The Gazco Studio Inset is available in three sizes to suit different rooms. New in 2018, the Studio has been upgraded with the latest Gazco flame effect technology and now has a fuel bed decoration. The fires are installed completely flush with the wall so that you can plaster, paper, or tile right up to the edge. This creates a very sleek finish.

Why is the Studio more expensive than an equivalent size inset fire?

The Studio fires have a dramatic, rippling, orange flame effect which is produced with a series of moving parts. Golden metallic-coloured silk ribbons behind an effects screen are lit up with orange lights and rippled by fans to look like dancing flames. Because of the many moving parts these are a more complex, hand assembled product and therefore more expensive.

In contrast, the Radiance range flame effects are produced with an LED screen in orange and blue flame colours. This technology is less expensive to produce because it is simple, with fewer individual components.

Which looks more realistic?

Whilst electric fires will not produce a 100% realistic flame effect, all of the ranges Bell source and offer are among the best on the market. Of them all, the Studio is generally considered the more realistic because it offers a soft, orange, dancing flame effect whereas the Radiance, Skope and Modern Flames fires make a dramatic statement with both orange and blue light effects and contemporary fuel beds.
We often get asked about which fuel bed is ‘best’ for the fires. The honest answer is that it really comes down to preference as they are an aesthetic choice that does not effect the functionality or performance of the fire.

Can I install an electric fire into a brick wall?

The black and white answer is no. Brick walls and cavity walls can harbour damp and excess moisture which are not good bed fellows with electricity. All inset electric fires are designed to be installed into a timber framed stud wall or faux chimney breast. It is always our recommendation to have the fire on site before building the frame; it really does make things a lot easier.
Brick wall installation is not impossible if appropriate damp proofing is installed, but may invalidate warranty so we would not recommend this method and is done so at the users risk.

What does CE Marked mean and does it matter?

Yes! Whilst not all products fall into the requirements, any that do must bear the symbol. It signifies that the product can be sold anywhere in the European union without restriction. CE marking on a product is also the assurance that the manufacturer has upheld the health and safety regulations outlined in the EC directives. This in short means that you can buy any CE marked product with absolute peace of mind.

Warranty information

All our inset electric fires qualify for 2 Year warranty. Modern flames offer a 2 year guarantee out of the box, whereas Gazco you must register the product with them.

For the Gazco warranty, your Gazco Electric Stove or Fireplace must have been purchased from an authorised stockist within the Expert Retailer Network (of which Bell is one) and your warranty registered with Gazco within one month of the later of the purchase date or installation date.

Accordingly, the commencement date for the warranty period is the date of purchase. During the registration process, the Expert Retailer details will be required for your Extended Warranty to be activated. Any product purchased outside of the Expert Retailer Network will carry a standard 1 Year non-extendable Warranty.

Please be aware, you will need the serial number of your fire to complete registration and this can be found just inside the machine, behind the glass screen. It will also usually be on the box that the fire is delivered in so if you make a note upon receiving the delivery it will save you some effort.

You can view further warranty details on the manufacturer’s website. Please register your fire with Gazco for the full warranty.

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